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Search Engine Marketing

Why Liquid Webmasters is the way you want to go.

Search engines are like roadmaps. Use them wrong and you’re lost. Use them right and you go places. The pros at Liquid Webmasters know exactly how to put your business firmly on the map, and your profits off the charts. Whether its Google AdWords, Bing,Yahoo, FaceBook, or any other major engine, We know how to create effective web pages, phone apps, or web applications for PPC web traffic for any size budget.

Our services include:

  • proper research of keywords and demographics that generate quality leads
  • Use all the available networks to maximum efficiency
  • Consistently determine the quality of the leads or sales being delivered on each source
  • Establish auto bidding systems to ensure you hit your business targets
  • Reduce the amount you spend per sale or lead.

For a FREE ANALYSIS of your search engine opportunities, fill out the form on the right. We will respond with a detailed report on how we can help you attract more quality customers at the lowest possible cost.

A short overview...

Liquid Webmasters offers professional web traffic management for any Search Engine (including Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo’s AdCenter and FaceBook). These PPC search campaigns fit any budget, so any business can use these services. Specifically we:

  • proper research of the right keywords and demographics to increase the number of sales or leads your receiving
  • copy correct strategies to all the available networks to increase traffic and sales/lead counts
  • constantly determine the quality of the leads or sales being delivered on each source
  • target web traffic sources that deliver the highest quantity of leads or sales
  • target web traffic sources that give the highest quality leads or sales
  • our auto bidding systems ensure you always hit your business targets
  • we will reduce the amount you spend per sale or lead
  • create web pages, phone apps, or web applications for PPC web traffic that brings in more customers at a lower cost per acquisition

In essence we take the guesswork out of any pay per click strategy, and help you hit every business target on time every time.

For further information continue reading this page, and please remember to complete the “Free Analysis” form on the right so we can deliver to you a detailed report on how we will help bring your many more high quality customers at the lowest possible cost.

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC is shorthand for “pay per click.” As the name suggests, you pay a single fee for every user click your ad generates. A common example of PPC marketing occurs on major search engines, like Google or Bing, where the ad is strategically placed next to relevant search results.

Advantages of PPC Marketing

There are three distinct advantages to PPC marketing:
  1. You get immediate website traffic (Unlike other marketing approaches, such as SEO).
  2. PPC gives you options for targeting website traffic. These include region, time of visit (e.g. 4pm to 11pm only), language (e.g. English only), and device type (e.g. Phones and Tablets only).
  3. PPC can effectively accommodate almost every budget.

Potential disadvantages of PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is like any other investment. Do it the right way, and you succeed. Do it wrong, you lose money. Some things to consider:

  • To succeed..

    A PPC ad is a very complicated interface. You need someone who understands how to set up your web page for a high quality score. This includes writing great ads that attract customers, identifying the right keywords, effectively managing thousands of bids, and maintaining the lowest possible bidding price. We know how to make all that happen for you.

  • The “Bid Creep” Factor

    The major search engines have their own aggressive agenda to increase their profits. If left unchecked, they will keep pushing your bids up as much as possible. But we know how to push back. Our systems at Liquid Webmasters are designed to flag these attempts to compromise our customers, and stop them in their tracks.

  • Beware search engines‘ own “analytics.”

    Again, there is an agenda here that does not have your best interest in mind. These so-called “objective” analytics are designed to squeeze more from your bottom line. The analytics we provide our customers are honest, accurate tools, with a proven track record. You can read more about it here.

What sets Liquid Webmasters PPC management systems apart from our competition?

There are two huge differences between Liquid Webmasters PPC management:

  1. We don’t just give you a fancy piece of software as big as an accounting package to try and figure out. Liquid Webmasters manages all your campaigns for you
  2. Liquid Webmasters uses our own analytics, where our competitors mostly use the search engines own analytical systems.

Your Analytics

Liquid Webmasters started constructing an analytical system for AdWords in 2003, that we called “The Google Goodness”. Back then most of the keywords available to bid on in the AdWords system could be bought for $0.05 a click. But even back then we noticed that the price for keywords was going up, to a point today where companies are buying keywords at a loss just to generate new customers in the hope of repeat business.

In this scenario there is but one winner, and it isn’t you or your business.

As we explained earlier, your bid prices are being pushed up by a variety of factors that include:

  • Competitors pushing bids up
  • Search Engines using conversion data from their analytics
  • Bid creep
  • Complexity of work, so poor bidding strategies are left to run

So how do we help you get past all of this?

Our “Goodness” platform has two sides:

  1. an administration interface that allows our staff to manage your campaigns easily and efficiently (pop up to Screen-shot)
  2. a client interface that gives you a window to monitor what’s happening with your keywords and campaigns, with an alert system to advise you when anything is looking wrong (pop up to Screen-shot)

So who manages my campaigns with “The Goodness”?

Our team at Liquid Webmasters manages the campaigns for you with a totally hands on approach, and your dedicated account manager will give regular recommendations on improving landing pages and ads to

  • increase your traffic volume
  • decrease your spend, and
  • increase the conversion rates

The client interface lets you keep an eye on our work, and your sites performance.

We do all the grunt work for you, so you can get on with doing what you do best... running your business.

How does “The Goodness” work?

At the outset, you set the parameters for every keyword you wish to buy traffic from. These are the primary parameters we enter into the goodness:

  1. How much are you will to spend on each keyword to test it?
  2. How much are you wanting to spend per sale on each keyword if the test is successful?

The Goodness system then watches every keyword automatically, and adjust the bid prices automatically (or manually if required) to meet your R.O. I. targets. That means you can be assured to “NEVER” spend too much money on bad keywords, and always hit the exact sweet spot on the good keywords.

Who are the PPC providers?

The Goodness today manages the following PPC providers

(insert logos for Google AdWords, FaceBook, Bing and Yahoo)

So if you want to have your own analytics that lets you hit your business targets every time whilst protecting your data from the people who you buy your traffic from, then fill in one of our contact us forms now!

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