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Client Checklist

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Leads / Sales Generation

We’ll put QUALITY LEADS on your desktop as fast as you can call them.

As you read this, there are untold thousands of customers out there looking for exactly what you’re selling. The trick is finding them. Except with us, it’s no trick at all. It’s a precise proven system that allows us to deliver leads better, faster, and priced more competitively than just about anyone else out there. And unlike other lead-generating systems, we know how to separate the quality from the fluff. And as we all know, quality sells.

Specifically, our services include:

  • Fixed-fee CPA (Cost per action) payment plans. This allows you to pay strictly on a per-lead or per-sale basis.
  • deliver significant new sources of web traffic from a vast network of traffic providers
  • Consistent monitoring of leads or sales for quality.
  • Targeting of web traffic sources that deliver the highest quantity of leads or sales
  • Creating web pages, phone apps, or web applications for that help bring in the most customers for the price.

For a FREE ANALYSIS of your leads/sales generation opportunities, fill out the form on the right. We will respond with a detailed report on how we can help you attract more quality customers at the lowest possible cost.

A short overview...

Liquid Webmasters offers you access to a vast network of web traffic providers that deliver new customers to you at a fixed price per sale or per lead. These deals are called CPA (Cost Per Action), and such CPA campaigns work well with National or multi-state products or services only. Specifically our services include:

  • increase the number of sales or leads your receiving
  • pay an agreed fixed fee per sale or lead only
  • deliver significant new sources of web traffic from a vast network of traffic providers
  • constantly determine the quality of the leads or sales being delivered
  • target web traffic sources that deliver the highest quantity of leads or sales
  • target web traffic sources that give the highest quality leads or sales
  • create web pages, phone apps, or web applications for PPC web traffic that brings in more customers at a lower cost per acquisition

If you need more customers. More sales. More Leads. And you have a national or multi-state product or service, then Liquid Webmasters can deliver all this to you at a very competitive rate.

For further information continue reading this page, and please remember to complete the “Free Analysis” form on the right so we can deliver to you a detailed report on how we will help bring your many more high quality customers at the lowest possible cost.

And if you want to really help us move ahead quickly, please download this form, complete it and fax it back to our offices.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing involves advertising on someone else’s existing website, or more likely a network of websites. CPA ads are usually in the form of a text or banner ad, and you pay only when a “CPA action“ is performed to your needs.

What is a CPA action?

A CPA action can be any response to your ad that benefits your business, including:

  • a new lead
  • a sale of a product or service
  • a survey completed by a user

Who qualifies for CPA deals?

Networks that promote CPA systems usually involve websites that offer products or services nationally or internationally. However exceptions are sometimes made for regional websites if the product or service makes sense for the network.

You can expect a monthly advertising budget for CPA to be at least $20,000 USD, though it can be lower for some products and services. These funds are prepaid directly to the CPA network, and would not be part of our fee.

How much do you pay per action?

That depends on a number of factors. Like what you’re selling, how big your target market is, and your monthly advertising budget amount. We will be happy to help you with cost options over the phone, and submit a firm quotation once we’ve determined together what you need your CPA action to accomplish.

Why should you let us manage your CPA?

Liquid Webmasters has established partnerships with some of the largest publisher networks on the planet. Networks with impressive track records for generating new business. Our system connects you seamlessly into these networks. This feature is uniquely ours, and results in many advantages for you, including:

  • A rate per action rate that is much lower than you would be able to negotiate directly.
  • A test-run provision that allows you to experiment on a small scale before committing to a larger deal.
  • A precision Quality Scoring system that can detect bad actions (e.g. faulty lead info) so you’re not wasting your time and money on dead-end leads.

Reports and Alerts

As a client of Liquid Webmasters we will give you a simple interface to manage and deal with all your CPA deals, so that you can have peace of mind in knowing that each action is a good action.

Our interface will also assist you in keeping an accurate audit trail of good and bad actions, so you only pay for the good ones.

If you’re ready to give CPA marketing a try, then fill out our form and one of our team will get back to you within one business day.

CPA Marketing — Getting Started

Business Model Evaluation

The first thing we do is evaluate your current website (existing or planned) and determine if your business model can readily profit from our marketing partners and customized analytical systems.

Getting the business model right from the start is critical to your business success, and we will give you other options to consider if they are available.

The Good Customers

Keep buying customers from web traffic that works and ditch what doesn’t work, all thanks to our very simple sales analysis tools we offer.

See quickly and easily what does and doesn’t work for:

  • Traffic sources
  • Campaigns
  • Keywords
  • Geographical areas

Web Traffic Analysis

We also offer a simple but powerful traffic analysis tool that shows you:

  • Where your website traffic is coming from
  • What pages on your site work and doesn’t work
  • Where your missing sales opportunities
  • Geographical information

and so much more, so contact us today for a free evaluation of your Internet Business.

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