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Your Business Secrets

What you need to protect!

Let us ask you this question first....

Whatever it is your selling on the web, do you want anyone else to know how many sales your making, where your sales are coming from and how much per sale your making?

Another important question to consider...

Would you want to give your sales and conversion data to the same company that you were buying your web traffic from?

Protect your data

Most companies who offer marketing services for PPC campaigns or who design websites use Google Analytics or Yahoo analytics to refine their bid prices and check and test R.O.I. for each keyword and campaign on behalf of their customers. But these companies are buying almost all their traffic from Google’s AdWords or the Yahoo/Bing consortia, which is telling the search engine what your prepared to spend per sale and what your breaking point is per keyword. This enables them to push your bid prices up as high as your prepared to spend (or more).

The big search engines and social networks are not your friend, and have designed their systems to take as much money from you as possible. That’s just a simple fact, and the only way to combat them is by using your own analytics.

For even greater detail on this, please read this great article by Dave Collins.

For more information how Liquid Webmasters protects your data, go to our PPC marketing page.

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